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The features of Siraj ERP


  Rich desktop

Customizable desktop. Advanced import/export data wizard.Monitor and restore deleted data.
Multi companies support. Advanced installment system.

 Advanced permissions & monitor system

Detailed permissions. Permissions groups. Multi customized confidentiality layers.

  Various reports

Accounting reports. Repository reports. Vendors and clients reports. Profits reports. Charts.

  Point of sale

Pin many invoices. Print out invoices in multi currencies.
Supports many brcode readers and cashier dockers.Multi
payments method (cash, cheques, credit card) Friendly with touch monitors.

  Advanced reports designer

User's private reports. Integrated report designer. Export/Import reports.
Dotted printers compatible. Supports serials and barcode stickers printing.

   Data over web synchronization

Sync invoices and entries from/to branches Sync accounts, items and groups.
Customized synchronization (ex. by invoices type) Advanced sync log. Scheduled synchronization.






The system will perform financial and business accounting and inventory
of the facility with high efficiency system enables investors to perform their
jobsmore easily.Quickly automatically and achieve the hopes of managers
in the financial accounting and inventory would bring him the desiredcontrol
and automatically get the information without bothering. The only system
that follows the perpetual inventory method by accounting etries.It features
a collection of sub-systems of public accounting and supplier's management and
customer's management and warehouse management and design barcode and POS



An intergrated and comprehensive hotel management system at the highest
international standards for the profession of hospitality which is an intelligent System
works at adjusting the rules and policies of the automated Lt also provides management
access to systems via the internet can also be linked with Microsoft office systems
Take care is broad and comprehensive and secure its advantages and features extensive reports.


An integrated system for the management of public accounting budgeting
and financial operations and accounts payable and receivable and warehouse management and fixed assets
and costs of industrial and management mechanisms and hydrocarbon accounting and management issues
and administrative system of salaries and wages procurement and electronic archive and internal control.




A restaurant management system is POS software designed for the foodservice industry.
Like a standard POS system, restaurant management system helps you capture
transactions and manage inventory with accuracy and generally run everyday processes more efficiently.